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Fun Space Facts for Children:  What’s the difference between an Asteroid and a Meteor?  And can a belt hold them all up?

Asteroid Belt

You’ve probably heard of an asteroid?  But do you know what it is?  Asteroids are basically a mixture of metal and rock, drifting through space.   Most are small, some the size of a pebble, but others are huge, as much as 500 miles/804.67 kilometers wide.  That’s one big rock!

There are a lot of asteroids between Mars and Jupiter, so much so that this area is called the asteroid belt.  But this type of belt can’t hold anything up!  It is more like a vast ring of rocky lumps and bumps, stuck in between the two planets.

But when an asteroid comes close enough to Earth it…changes its name.  That’s right, the asteroid is now known as a meteor.  Earth’s gravity pulls it downward.  As the meteors fall, they are often referred to as shooting stars (although clearly lumps of rock and metal are not stars).  Earth is responsible for the meteor’s fiery tail.  It sets it on fire as it enters our atmosphere.

Many scientists think that a huge asteroid crashing into the Earth millions of years ago finished off the dinosaurs.  The impact created a colossal cloud, which turned the weather impossibly hot and resulted in their extinction.

The good news is that astronomers now have the technology to keep a close eye on the night sky.  Even better news, no asteroids are on a collision course with the Earth.  At least not yet anyway!

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New – Book Two: Amelia, the Venutons and the Golden Cage

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Book One: Amelia, the Moochins and the Sapphire Palace

Amelia the Moochins 8-15

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