The Series

Solar System Illustration 9-14

Amelia’s Amazing Space Adventures

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 Book One: Amelia, the Moochins and the Sapphire Palace


Amelia opens a present. A present that’s not a present. No, it’s a friendly looking alien called Uglesnoo from the planet Pluto. Uglesnoo needs to leave right away for the Moon. Uglesnoo’s sister is sick. Should Amelia venture out into outer space?

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Book Two: Amelia, the Venutons and the Golden Cage

Amelia the Venutons Illust 11

The quest continues! They must get the rest of the items off Queen Neep’s list, if they are to save Uglesnoo’s sister in time.   So, it’s off to the planet Venus. They need to get twenty bliss bubbles from the scary Venutons. But can they trust them? And what about the other mysterious aliens they find there?

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Book Three: Amelia, the Merballs and the Emerald Cannon


The bouncy aliens of Mercury are friendly… until an asteroid hits their planet. Amelia and Uglesnoo find themselves in deep trouble. How will they convince the Merballs of their innocence? And how will they manage to collect the flying shoes, leave Mercury and continue their quest on time?

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The author is working on book four in the Amelia’s Amazing Space Adventures Series.

 Book Four: Amelia, the Snapperjacks and the Molten Maze

Illustrations from Book One

They travel to the blazing Sun. Amelia is scared! How can they possibly land on it? Uglesnoo knows how. But once there, they need to fly underground, into a flaming labyrinth! It’s the only way, to get the next item of their list.   But will they make it out of the treacherous molten maze alive?
She flew to the open door.  She looked down. The fiery surface blended and spun, Amelia grew green.
“Come on, let’s go!  We need to get forty jars of Snapperjack honey. Then we’ll be another step closer to rescuing Noolong!”
“I can’t do it!” cried Amelia in a panic.  “The thing is Uggie, I’m scared of heights! I always have been. I thought with the flying shoes I might be okay, but I’m not.  I can’t do this.  I really can’t do this.”
Uglesnoo flew back in disappointed.  “Well I suppose I’ll have to go by myself after all…”
Amelia watched him fly back out.  I really want to go out there, but I just can’t…Maybe if I practise flying inside the spaceship…
“Arrgh, Amelia help, help!”

“Uggie what is it?”
“My flying shoes aren’t working.  I’m falling.  You have to save me!”
“What!  Don’t worry.  I’m on my way!”
Uglesnoo plummeted down.  Amelia dove after him.  Down, down. 
“Uggie, I’m almost here…  There, I’ve got you!”
She grabbed a tentacle and pulled him up. 

Book Five: Amelia, the Magolytes and the Victory Vines


Now on Mars, Amelia and Uglesnoo need to trade with the tricky Magolytes. But the Magolytes possess a deadly weapon. Amelia and Uglesnoo find themselves running away… But then they are helped by the mysterious Victory Vines. Ready to blast off from Mars, but there is one more  fiery problem. Will they finally manage to outwit those mad Magolytes?
And with that Uglesnoo bounced out of his squashy purple chair, leaving Amelia in charge.
The spaceship swung to the left.
“Amelia what are you doing?”
“Nothing, why?”
“That’s the problem, you’re supposed to steer.”
“Err okay,” Amelia grabbed hold of the control stick and moved it to the right.  The spaceship tipped to the right and a surprised Uglesnoo found himself tumbling to the other side of the spaceship.  Panicking Amelia moved the control stick to the left.  The spaceship tipped left and then fell on its side.  Uglesnoo went somersaulting past her head. “Amelia, you’re driving like the maddest Martian Magoltye, under a double Martian moon!  This is a tiny spaceship, not a mobile space-city!” yelled Uglesnoo.  “Just move the control stick a little to the left and right, when needed.  Here let me show you!
Uglesnoo picked himself up and ran to the controls. He grabbed them, showing Amelia how to make small movements with the control stick to keep them on course.
“Okay that’s it.  Phew, you’ve finally got it,” said Uglesnoo, releasing the controls back to Amelia, as she glared at him.
In no time at all, a dusty red planet came closer and closer until Amelia saw something truly shocking.  A towering wall of red rock lay dead ahead. What was that enormous thing in front of them and more importantly how could she avoid smashing into it?

Book Six: Amelia, the Jubs and the Case for Peace

The quest to save Uglesnoo’s sister is going well. Now on the planet Jupiter, Amelia and Uglesnoo must collect ten Blazebolts. But Jupiter’s aliens – the Jubs – are at war! Uglesnoo’s spaceship takes a hit. They need to make an emergency landing on Jupiter for repairs. After landing, an old enemy makes an appearance…

Book Seven: Amelia, the Satsuts and the Oblivion Potion

Now it’s onto Saturn. The Satsuts are friendly, but enemies are here as well. They need to collect the item from the list to save Uglesnoo’s sister. Disaster hits when Amelia tastes something forbidden.  Is there any hope left for the quest?

Book Eight: Amelia, the Urano and the Seer of all Time

Uranus, it’s the most mysterious planet of them all. Here they have the ultimate challenge. They need to find something that does not exist. Or does it? Uglesnoo struggles to believe. Amelia faces huge challenges to get the next item off the list.

Book Nine: Amelia, the Neeps and the Many Toothed Clat

They arrive on Neptune, ready to talk with Queen Neep. But the underwater kingdom has its own problems. King Neep has gone missing. Queen Neep fears that the scary and many toothed Clat has taken him prisoner. How will they get the repelling crystal that Uglesnoo’s sister so desperately needs at such a time?

Book Ten: Amelia, the Plutonians and the Creation Vacation

Only a few hours left to save Uglesnoo’s sister. Will they manage it? They arrive back on Uglesnoo’s home planet Pluto. It’s a jolly crowd at the Plutonian cave. Uglesnoo is welcomed back by the other Plutonians. But then Amelia and Uglesnoo realize they are being watched… They need to reach Noolong, Uglesnoo’s sister. Can they give their enemy the slip?

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