Fun Space Facts for Children: Mars, the Red Planet

Mars Image

The Planet Mars:  Did Martians ever invade Earth?

Name:   Mars is named after the Roman God of war, after its red color, which reminded the ancient Romans of blood!

Diameter: 4,222 miles

Temperature:  -81°F; -62.77°C.

Fun Mars Facts: Did Martians ever invade Earth?  On Sunday October 30, 1938, the United States went into mass hysteria, when the radio announced to its’ million listeners that a Martian invasion of our Earth was underway.  People were terrified.  They fled en masse in their cars, jamming the highways, fleeing the vengeful Martians.   Until…Mr. Orson Welles, a director, came on air to tell people that they were actually listening to a play!  This play was adapted from H.G. Welles famous novel, ‘War of the Worlds,’ a great read to this day.  This fictional work describes Martians landing on Earth and destroying our planet!

On July 4, 1997, Nasa successfully landed a little robot named Sojourner from its NASA pathfinder spacecraft.  The amazing Sojourner roamed around the planet Mars-the first robot to do so-beaming back amazing pictures of Mars and taking numerous samples.  This helps scientists learn more about how Mars was formed.

Mars has two Moons.  They are named Phobos, (meaning panic/fear) and Deimos, (meaning terror/dread).  These are two characters that according to Greek mythology accompany their father, the God of war, into battle.

Mons Olympus, a now extinct Volcano on Mars, is the tallest volcano in the entire solar system!

Next post: Fun facts about the giant planet Jupiter.

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