Fun Space Facts for Children: Saturn, the Ringed Planet

Saturn Image

The Planet Saturn

Name:   Saturn was the father of Jupiter in Roman Mythology.  Kronos  is the Greek equivalent.  Saturn was a God of agriculture and also of time. Saturn the God is often depicted with a sickle over one shoulder, (symbolic of the harvest) and a clock, (symbolic of his role as timekeeper) held in his hand.

Diameter: 74,900 miles/1,20539.87 Kilometers

Temperature:  -218°F; -138.89°C

Fun Saturn Facts:  You probably remember seeing Saturn with its famous rings. But do you know what they are made of?  Rock, ice and dust, most of which are tiny!  How the rings came to be remain a mystery.  Some think they should have been a moon, that for some reason failed to form.  Others think that a moon existed, but then got broken apart.  Maybe someday we’ll get an answer.

Saturn is mainly made of gases; hydrogen with a little helium.  Scientists think there’s a spinning solid core.  It’s the least dense of any planet, meaning it weighs next to nothing, less than water.  If you could find a swimming pool big enough, Saturn would float happily on the surface! Saturn is the root word of one day of our week.  Can you guess which one?  Yes, it’s Saturday!

Saturn is also the star of Amelia’s Amazing Space Adventures, my children’s space adventure series.  Uglesnoo is a cute friendly alien from Pluto.  On earth he ends up becoming a present.  A present that’s not a present! In book seven, Amelia, the Satsuts and the Oblivion Potion, Uglesnoo and Amelia travel to Saturn, as part of their quest.  The Satsuts, the aliens that live on Saturn, are friendly, but enemies are here as well. They need to collect the item  from the list to save Uglesnoo’s sister. Disaster hits when Amelia tastes something forbidden.  Is there any hope left for the quest?

Next post: Fun facts about the planet Uranus.

Evonne Blanchard is the author of, Amelia, the Moochins and the Sapphire Palace,  Amelia, the Venutons and the Golden Cage and Amelia, the Merballs and the Emerald Cannon.  These are the first three books in Amelia’s Amazing Space Adventures.  The author is currently working on the fourth book in the series, Amelia, the Snapperjacks and the Molten Maze.

Ever wondered if aliens exist?  What if one needed your help?  Would you travel into outer space?  For the adventures…of a lifetime!

Coming Soon!

Book Three: Amelia, the Merballs and the Emerald Cannon


Amelia and Uglesnoo land on Mercury.  They meet the Merballs, the friendly aliens that live there.  All goes well until an asteroid hits their planet.  Amelia and Uglesnoo find themselves in deep trouble.  How will they convince the Merballs
of their innocence?  And how will they manage to collect the flying shoes, escape Mercury and continue their quest to save Uglesnoo’s sister?

Book Two: Amelia, the Venutons and the Golden Cage

Amelia the Venutons cover with text

Uglesnoo needs Amelia’s help.  His sister is very sick.  The only cure is a repelling crystal from Neptune.  With his Earthling friend, Amelia, they must continue their quest.  More items are needed to buy the crystal.  But Venus is full of danger and angry aliens.  Are Uglesnoo and Amelia in over their heads?

Click below for a preview:


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Book One: Amelia, the Moochins and the Sapphire Palace

Amelia the Moochins 8-15

When is a present not a present?  When it’s a friendly purple alien called Uglesnoo, from the planet Pluto!  Uglesnoo needs to leave right away for the Moon.  Uglesnoo also desperately needs Amelia’s help.  Should Amelia venture into outer Space?

Click below for a preview:


Read this book and over 1 million other books with Kindle Unlimited.

“Appealing Illustrations combine with lots of text to make this a great read for children transitioning from picture books to chapter books.” – Kirkus Reviews

“The story is imaginative and fun…and a perfect book to stretch my oldest in his independent reading with something fun to keep his attention.” —Beautiful Books for Children

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