Top Five Books for Teaching Children Colors

Is your child ready to learn their colors?  Here’s my pick of the most entertaining books, leading them into the wonderful world of color.


  1. The Princess and the Wizard by Julia Donaldson. Illustrated by Lydia Monks.

This is a glittery colorful book that pulls children in with its vibrant pictures. The use of a wicked wizard, and an engaging princess heroine appeals to young readers.   The princess’s escape from the powerful warlock involves the use of many colors, each beautifully illustrated by Lydia Monks with collage style, color themed pages; filled with objects, insects and animals.  In addition to colors, the book also teaches the days of the week; to a lesser extent.   This is a fun educational book that children will reach for again and again.

 Frogs Cropped

  1. Rainbow Frogs by Melissa Tyrell. Illustrated by Becky Wallis.

It’s raining in the jungle and everything is gray.  So begins this book about colors.  One by one the rainbow frogs make their appearance.  “Red Frog looked up at the gray sky.  He jumped.  The berries and the ladybugs caught the shiny color of his skin and turned a rosy red.”  The beautiful prose appeals to the adults, whilst Becky Wallis’s colorful illustrations pulls young kids into her vibrant world.  Vivid plastic frogs adorn the edge of this book in a clever lily pond shape, designed to encourage tactile exploration.  Page by page kids learn the colors, until the books finishes…in a beautiful rainbow!

Dr Suess color cropped


3. My Many Colored Days by Dr. Seuss.  Paintings by Steve Johnson and Lou Fancher

This elegant book comes from an unpublished manuscript by Dr Seuss.  Paintings were later commissioned from Steve Johnson and Lou Fancher to illustrate it.  The book lacks the quirks and craziness of classic Seuss, but it’s still an original and fun way for children to learn their colors.  In this book the author matches colors to moods and animals.  “On a happy pink day, he’s a flamingo.”  “Red is a horse kicking up its heels.”  This is an added twist, as children learn to recognize and manage their emerging emotions, as they also name and recognize the world they are discovering.

 Crayons cropped

  1. The Day the Crayons Quit by Drew Daywalt. Illustrated by Oliver Jeffers

This book takes on a zany creative approach to colors.  Duncan, upon arriving at school tries to open his crayon box.  Instead of crayons, he finds letters.  The crayons are on strike!  And their letters are full of complaints!  Beige does not want to compete with brown.  Blue is tired of coloring in water.  Peach is naked!  The whimsical illustrations and talking crayons will appeal to the very young readers, whilst older readers will enjoy the witty banter.  This is a highly entertaining book, guaranteed to have the whole family in fits.

Brown Bear Cropped

  1. Brown Bear, Brown Bear. What do you see? By Bill Martin Jr. and Eric Carle

Gentle rhymes and distinctive paper collage illustrations make this book an appealing introduction to colors.

“Blue horse, blue horse, what do you see.  I see a green frog looking at me.”

The title popped into Bill Martin Jr.’s head on a train ride in 1966.  He later called on his friend Eric Carle to illustrate the story.  The simple repetitive text encourages young children to join in the reading. Along the way kids learn colors, adjectives and animal names.  Another plus, this book has many bilingual versions.  So, if you want your child to start learning their first few words in Spanish and French, this is a good place to start!

Evonne Blanchard is the author of, ‘Amelia, the Moochins and the Sapphire Palace,’ and ‘Amelia, the Venutons and the Golden Cage.’ These are the first two books in, ‘Amelia’s Amazing Space Adventures,’ an exciting series of ten books set in outer space, (for children ages 5-9).

Ever wondered if aliens exist?  What if one needed your help?  Would you travel into outer space?  For the adventures…of a lifetime!

New – Book Two: Amelia. the Venutons and the Golden Cage

Amelia the Venutons cover with text

Uglesnoo needs Amelia’s help.  His sister is very sick.  The only cure is a repelling crystal from Neptune.  With his Earthling friend, Amelia, they must continue their quest.  More items are needed to buy the crystal.  But Venus is full of danger and angry aliens.  Are Uglesnoo and Amelia in over their heads?

Click below for a preview:


Book One: Amelia, the Moochins and the Sapphire Palace

Amelia the Moochins 8-15

When is a present not a present?  When it’s a friendly purple alien called Uglesnoo, from the planet Pluto!  Uglesnoo needs to leave right away for the Moon.  Uglesnoo also desperately needs Amelia’s help.  Should Amelia venture into outer Space?

Click below for a preview:


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“Appealing Illustrations combine with lots of text to make this a great read for children transitioning from picture books to chapter books.” – Kirkus Reviews

“The story is imaginative and fun…and a perfect book to stretch my oldest in his independent reading with something fun to keep his attention.” —Beautiful Books for Children

You can read the first few chapters, FOR FREE, of, ‘Amelia, the Moochins and the Sapphire Palace.’  Simply click on the link below:


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