Fun Space Facts for Children: Our Star Signs. The Story of Astrology versus Astronomy


What’s your star sign? You probably already know it depends upon the month you were born.  The star signs rotate through once a year, for a month at a time.  We begin the year with the Water Bearer, Aquarius (January 20- February 18) and end it with Capricorn, the Goat, (Dec 22 – Jan 19).  Right now the zodiac sign is Gemini and will be until June 20.   In the next several posts, I’ll be explaining the fascinating story behind each star sign and how you can look for your star sign – which is also a constellation – in the night sky.  Each star sign has a very interesting history. Do you know that the study of our star signs is called astrology? And did you also know that in ancient times, astrology was considered as important as astronomy is today.  Ancient astrologers mapped the movements of celestial bodies, such as the planets and the constellations.  From this they predicted human events and people’s personality traits; believed to be based on the alignment of the planets and stars at the precise moment of birth.

The Zodiac – which is a name for all twelve star signs – comes from the Latin term Zōdiacus, which in turn comes from the Greek- Zōdiakos Kyklos- meaning  circle of animals: Half of the Zodiac constellations are animals!

Our star signs first came into being thousands of years ago. The ancient Babylonians started to notice how certain constellations rotated around every year.  They started giving names to these constellations. The ancient Hebrews added to this ancient knowledge, as did the Egyptians, then the Greeks and the Romans. The astrologer and astronomer Ptolemy of ancient Egypt was particularly important in laying the foundations of western astrology.  In the middle ages, (roughly 1100 – 1450) astrology and the zodiac signs became very popular.  The star signs even made their way into major works of art like Angers Cathedral in France ,(see the photograph below).

Astronomy is the scientific study of the universe and everything in it; stars, planets, and galaxies.  Nowadays it’s considered the only true science of space, whereas astrology is not taken seriously anymore.  But many people still enjoy reading about their star signs, (or horoscopes, as they are also known) and seeing if the predictions for the coming week will come true!

Angers Cathedral the South Rose Window of Christ (centre) with elders (bottom half) and Zodiac (top half). Mediaeval stained glass by Andre Robin after the fire of 1451. Credit: Wikipedia


Next Post.  Star Signs: Aquarius, the Water Bearer (Jan 20-February 18).  The Story behind Aquarius and how to spot this Constellation in the Night Sky

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 Book Two: Amelia, the Venutons and the Golden Cage

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