Curious about Taurus the Bull? The Story of Taurus and how to Spot this Constellation in the Night Sky


Taurus Characteristics:  Taurus represents those born from April 20—May 20.  It’ spring in our calendar year, but Taurus is the second Zodiac sign of the year, right after Aries!

 Good Things about Taurus: Responsible, patient, stable, practical, romantic.  So Taureans can be a little dull at times, but that romantic trait comes in and saves the day for you!

Bad Things about Taurus: Stubborn, lazy, materialistic and possessive.  Wow, you are like a bull aren’t you?  A bull that likes shopping!

Myth and Legend: Zeus, leader of the Greek Gods (Jupiter in Roman mythology) fell for a young lady called Europa, a princess of Phoenicia.  In order to attract her attention, he changed form into that of a beautiful, gentle white bull.  Europa petted and played with the kind bull.  Eventually she got on his back and the bull swam into the sea, all the way to Crete (a Greek island).

Once there he revealed his true identity to Europa as Zeus, king of the Gods.  Later to commemorate their story, Zeus recreated the shape of the bull and cast it into the night sky as a constellation—the Taurus constellation!

Element Sign: This star-sign is an earth sign!  The other earth signs are Virgo and Capricorn. Earth signs are practical and rooted to the earth and their surroundings.  They also love shopping! But Taureans can be a bit like King Midas—there’s never enough gold—and we all know how that tale ended!

 Glyph:  The symbol for Taurus is the head of the bull.  And actually it does sort of look like the head of a bull…well if a five year old drew it!  But it’s still a step up from the Pisces glyph!


Constellation:  Taurus as a constellation is one of the better ones.  For one thing it’s a huge constellation and like the bull it represents, it charges through the night sky!  It also actually looks like the creature that it represents, that of a bull’s head—although a very skinny bull—making a change from the squinting and active imagination you have to use with most of the other constellations!  If you want to look for the Taurus constellation, it’s best viewed in December and January (between latitudes 40° degrees and longitude 95° degrees west)in the northern hemisphere and early spring in the southern hemisphere. A star map is useful, as well as the help of a knowledgeable star gazer.


 Extra Fun Fact: Taurus is Latin for bull.

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