Fun Space Facts for Children: Neptune, the Bluest Planet

Neptune Image

The Planet Neptune

Name:   Neptune is named after the Roman God of the oceans, lakes and rivers. Poseidon is the Greek equivalent.   Neptune the God is often shown carrying a trident and riding sea horses.  In 1612 , the famous astronomer and scientist Galileo spotted the planet Neptune, whilst looking at the night sky, but mistook it for a star.  So Neptune had to wait until 1846, when it was officially discovered by both Urbain Le Verrier, (French) and Johann Galle, (German).

Diameter: 30,777 miles;  45930.78 kilometers

Temperature:  -353°F; -212.22°C

Fun Neptune Facts:  In keeping with tradition they decided to name the planet after a Roman God.  The planet being blue, how do you think they chose its name?  Of course,   it had to be Neptune, the Roman God of the seas!

Do you know where’s the coldest place in the entire Solar System?  If you’re guessing Neptune right now, you’re getting warmer (or should I say colder?).  Actually the chilliest place in our Solar System is on Triton; one of Neptune’s eight moons.  On Triton, the temperature is a bone shivering, bitter cold of -393°F (-263.1°C) !  And you thought the North Pole was freezing!

Neptune’s composition is similar to Uranus.  It’s mainly made up of hydrogen and helium.  Scientists think it also has an icy core of water, methane and ammonia.  It’s rich blue color comes from methane in Neptune’s atmosphere.

You need to use a telescope to see Neptune.  And even then it can be hard to spot.  The best time to look for Neptune is in the month of August.  In the summer of 1989, NASA’s Voyager 2 spacecraft took the first close ups of the planet.  You can see one of the images above.

Pluto is usually the furthest planet away in the Solar System.  But Pluto has a strange orbit, so occasionally it’s closer to the sun than Neptune.  Then Neptune becomes the furthest planet away and for up to twenty years at a time!

Next post: Fun facts about the dwarf planet Pluto.

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