Curious about Cancer the Crab? The Story of Cancer and how to Spot this Constellation in the Night Sky


Cancer Characteristics:  Cancer represents those born from June 21—July 22.   Cancer is the fourth Zodiac sign of the year, directly after Gemini.

Good Things about Cancer: Loyal, emotional and tenacious.  Just like a sheepdog!

Bad Things about Cancer: Moody, suspicious and insecure.  So basically you’re cute, but crabby!

Myth and Legend:   As usual we turn to the Greeks for the myths behind the cancer constellation.  It starts off with the Greek Goddess Hera, wife of Zeus being… jealous.  Hera spends most of her time on Mount Olympus being jealous of someone or other.  It’s her raison d’être.  Anyway this time Hera was jealous of Heracles, (Hercules in Latin) the famous Greek hero and spent a lot of time and energy attempting to kill him.

One of the twelve labors of Heracles, (Hercules) was to destroy the Hydra, a terrifying nine-headed water serpent.  During this battle Hera sent a gigantic crab to help the Hydra slay our Greek hero.  But Heracles (Hercules) was so strong, he crushed the poor crab with his mere foot!  For his loyal —but unfortunate service —Hera placed the crab in the night sky as the cancer constellation.

Element Sign: Cancer is a water sign.  Water signs are supposed to be extremely emotional and sensitive.  And mysterious too, like an ocean apparently, rather than a puddle!   Other water signs in the zodiac are Scorpio and Pisces.

Glyph:  The cancer glyph does not like a crab—at all, or much else.  Personally I think it looks a little like two tadpoles pausing for a chat.  But no, I’m wrong…it’s supposed to represent two breasts, because Cancers are so caring and nurturing…Okay, I’ve looked again and I still think it looks like a pair of tadpoles!


Constellation:  the constellation is even worse than the glyph.  Whoever decided this constellation could pass for a crab must have been mad.  Yes, completely stark raving mad! My cat looks more like a crab—well he acts like it occasionally—than the cancer constellation.  At best it looks like a lopsided upside down Y.  That’s about it!

If you want to look for the Cancer constellation the best viewing time is in March, around 9pm; between latitudes + 90° and – 60° in the northern hemisphere.  If you live in the southern hemisphere, look for the Cancer constellation in the autumn/fall.  It’s a dim constellation and can be very hard to see with the naked eye. Use a star map as a guide and the help of an experienced star gazer.


 Extra Fun Fact: Cancer is Latin for Crab. It comes from the Greek language originally and it means crabs and crayfish, as well as carcinomas.

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