Curious about Leo the Lion? The Story of Leo and how to Spot this Constellation in the Night Sky

shutterstock_191992340Leo Characteristics:  Leo represents those born from July 23—August 22.   Leo is the fifth Zodiac sign of the year, right after Cancer.

Myth and Legend:  In ancient Greek mythology Leo represents the lion and one lion in particular: The Nemean lion.  This lion was much larger and tougher than a normal lion.  For it was also the child of two monsters; Typhon and Echidna.    After eating lots of people in Nemea, the famous Greek hero Hercules (Heracles) was ordered to kill it, as the first of his twelve labors.

Unfortunately, the Nemean lion had an incredibly tough hide, so normal arrows and spears simply bounced off its’ golden fur.  Hercules overcame this problem with his legendary strength.  He first wrestled, then strangled the lion.  He later wore the animal’s skin as a cloak.  Its special fur helped to protect him from other dangers.

It was later placed in the sky by the Gods, because the lion was considered king of all the beasts on Earth.

Mosaico Trabajos Hércules (M.A.N. Madrid) 01

Hercules slaying the Nemean lion.  Roman mosaic Lliria, Spain: Credit Wikipedia

Constellation: The Leo constellation is a big improvement on many other star clusters, in that the body of the constellation actually does look like a large cat resting. The head however is another story.   Where’s the lion’s majestic profile and magnificent mane? This head is more hook than handsome. In fact, the whole Leo constellation honestly looks more like a coat hanger, than the mightiest of the beasts.  But as constellations go—I have to admit —it’s more realistic than most.

When can you see the Leo constellation in the night sky? Well it’s easier to spot than most, due to the body of the constellation looking like—a big cat!  The best viewing time is in April at around 9pm; between latitudes + 90° and – 65° in the northern hemisphere.  If you live in the southern hemisphere, look for the Leo constellation in the summer and autumn/fall. As always use a star map as a guide and a knowledgeable star gazer is a big help.


Extra Fun Fact: Leo is Latin for lion.  And did you know that lions used to live in Greece?  Yes, until about 100BC, when they became extinct!

Next Post—Curious about Virgo, (August 23 – September 22). The Story of Virgo and How to spot this Constellation in the Night Sky.

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